The Hamptons Meets Palm Beach

About This Project

Location, location, location! Isn’t that what all of our real-estate friends and colleagues are always telling us? Our clients made a wise choice when purchasing this beautifully located ocean front property nestled in the dunes of Palm Beach, but they were presented with a challenge: how to take this luxury townhouse from dark and dated to a chic easy breezy dream home that reflects is naturally gorgeous sun and sand dunes surroundings as well as our clients laid back personalities.


Built in 1981, this dream home’s post-modern style with dark wood architectural features, cold concrete structure, and harsh lighting felt out of step by todays standards. Our solution: open the staircase and switch out the wood paneled banister for clear glass, exposing its grand design and allowing for amazing and unobscured views of the property’s outdoor spaces as well as the home’s common areas, permitting its large loft space to shine.


Bedrooms were treated to neutral color-schemes inspired by the Palm Beach dunes that surround this oceanfront home. An impressive pallet of textures and materials were chosen, and juxtapositions of lux linens and natural textiles like grass wall coverings and a large arrangement of sculptural branches brings the outside, in. Big and bold custom metal sculptures were installed in the primary bedroom along with hand blown glass light fixtures, adding that touch of glam that we are known for.


The private courtyard revamp is above and beyond anything you will see in Palm Beach. Playful and luxurious, it features a koi pond, a two story art installation and a dramatic custom stone waterfall. Its seating area makes great use of this homes original design by softening the heavy overhang with ceiling coverings in Peaky Cyprus and covering the walls with grass, creating a very cool and cozy space to relax and unwind. The entire courtyard is expertly illuminated by artistic lighting that makes every corner a sparkling treat for the eyes.


We had fun with this ambitious project and we hope your takeaway is to let location be your guide when looking for your dream home, because anything is possible in design but great surroundings are rare treasures that must be found and cherished.